PNAS Paper Now Out!

1 07 2015

Our latest paper is now out and making news! Flowers can time their scent to attract the best pollinators: Here are links to two articles:

Images by Kiley Riffell Photography

Kiley Riffell Photography

Kiley Riffell Photography

Kiley Riffell Photography

Kiley Riffell Photography

20 06 2015

Just got word that our work on Mosquitos will be published in Current Biology. Great collaboration with Michael Dickinson, Floris van Breugal, and Adrienne Fairhall!

12 06 2015

Our work on circadian control of flower volatile emissions was recently accepted in PNAS! Congrats to Myles Fenske (lead graduate student on the project) for a great first dissertation chapter!

Welcome Gabriella Wolff

1 06 2015

Congratulations to Gabriella Wolff, a new postdoc in the lab, whose work was recently featured on NPR:

18 05 2015

Excited to learn that the national PBS NewsHour will be coming to @UW in a few weeks to do a story about our Center of Excellence for Nature Inspired Flight!

7 05 2015

Big congrats to Riffell Lab undergrad Lauren Locke for winning “Best Presentation” in the Neurobio session of the 40th West Coast Biological Sciences Undergraduate Research Conference () in San Diego!

Riffell Lab Working To Develop Next Generation Of Unmanned Flight

18 03 2015

Riffell Lab is excited to be part of an international effort to develop the next generation of unmanned flight using technology inspired by insects, bats and other animals. Here are some links to find out more about the new Air Force Center of Excellence on Nature-Inspired Flight Technologies and Ideas:

To read the UW press release:  To watch a short video clip about the project:

The Manduca sexta moth, as seen flying through a virtual reality forest scene in the UW lab.


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